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My photo album
Italy August 1996 - A Planetary Society Expedition
Pescara May 1997 - A Short Course in Planetary Geology
Berlin June 1997 - Moon/Mars Symposium
Moscow October 1997 - Vernadsky/Brown Micro Symposium
Belize January 1998 - Another Planetary Society Expedition
Pescara May 1998 - Geochemical Evolution of the Solar System
Antarctica Feb 1999 - A Planetary Society Expedition to the Antarctic
Alpbach August 1999 - Summer School Alpbach 1999 - Mars
Moscow October 1999 - Vernadsky/Brown Micro Symposium
Durham July 2000 - S260 Geology Summer School
Geneva June 2001 - NEXUS C.E.R.N Visit
Pescara May 2002 - Euro Summer School in Planetary Geology
Sicily September 2002 - Exploring Mars Surface and its Earth Analogues
Arctic July 2003 - Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
Siberia August 2003 - The Trans-Siberian Railway and Lake Baikal
Moscow October 2003 - The 38th Venadsky/Brown Microsymposium
Bristol November 2003 - IOP Young Physicists Conference
Russia July 2004 - Kolsky Peninsula
Russia December 2004 - Kolsky Peninsula and Murmansk
Russia June 2005 - International Summer School on Space Biology and Medicine
Romania August 2006 - International Conference of Physics Students

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